15 Signs You'd Rather Be at a National Park

Once you #FindYourPark, you #FindYourPark for life. Any avid national park fan has experienced these relatable moments! If you find yourself agreeing, you might be due for your next national park fix…

1. Daydreaming about national parks during very important meetings is a common occurrence.

2. You’d make your love for national parks Facebook-official if you could.

3. Your internet search history looks something like this…

4. You wouldn’t mind being stuck in these traffic jams:

5. You actually get excited over national park maps, and love pouring over trail maps to plan your next adventure.

6. You’d spend the day pulling weeds if it meant being at a national park.

7. You have more stamps in your National Park Passport than you know what to do with!

8. You wouldn’t mind waking up to a view like this every day:

9. “If you didn’t take a picture in front of the official park sign, did you even visit?!”

We made it to @rockynps!

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10. You want "a walk in the park" to actually look something like this:

11. You’d rather post patches instead of selfies:

12. Your closet is decked out with #FindYourPark swag.

13. Meeting a park ranger is like meeting a celebrity (don’t worry, even Oprah agrees)!

14. You don’t need to use Pokémon as an excuse to #FindYourPark (but you’re totally going to take over that gym anyway)!

15. When someone casually mentions a national park, you have this reaction (and who would blame you?!)

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