Stand Where Heroes Stood

Our national parks provide these types of opportunities for all of us, opportunities to stand where heroes stood.

Join us as we stand in the places where leaders made history – understand the impacts of their work, their determination, and their ingenuity. From Harriet Tubman, whose lifelong commitment to freedom and equality inspired a nation to the Buffalo Soldiers who served as some of the first park rangers in Yosemite National Park to the jazz legends who transformed the music world in New Orleans, these stories come alive in national parks and showcase how the past reverberates through time.

Harriet Tubman portrait, who is standing along with her husband, step-daughter, extended family, and former slaves she helped during the Civil War.
There’s something so powerful about experiencing history exactly where it happened. Our national parks give us a chance to learn about our past and reflect on the leaders whose visions carried us into the present.
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Their Legacy.
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