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A Perfectly Natural Partnership

Being outside makes us happier. That’s why outdoor retailer L.L.Bean and the National Park Foundation have partnered to help you find your park. With over 400 U.S. park sites, yours is probably closer than you think. In fact, most Americans have one within 100 miles of their home.

L.L.Bean designs products that make it easier for everyone to spend time outside together. The National Park Foundation protects and preserves America’s most magnificent natural places. So it’s only natural for these two organizations to work together to bring quality outdoor time to families across the country.

With 417 park sites across all 50 states, including monuments, preserves, lakeshores and seashores, there are 18,000 miles of trails and over 11,000 miles of shoreline to hike, bike, fish, swim or just relax and enjoy the view. Visit to learn more and get the gear for all your outdoor adventures.

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Share Your Park Experience

Finding Your Park is just half the fun. You can share your stories, images, and videos of your park and inspire so many more people to find their park.