Helen Ranney

Helen, it was a pleasure to meet you at a picnic table at Phantom Ranch in April (my friend was getting ice to put with some medicine which you volunteered to keep in the ranger station and later delivered to our campsite before you morning walk). I’m thankful for that kindness and all you have done for the Grand Canyon, the Conservancy, and conservation of our public lands. Look forward to the day we meet again.

many Park Ambassadors

This is a note to all those individuals who I have known because of my visits to multiple national parks, specifically those parks in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Hawaii, Montana, Wyoming, California and numerous others. These professionals have dedicated their efforts to helping the public to appreciate the importance of our national parks.

Grand Canyon Ambassadors

Several years ago, myself and two other OLDER ladies did a 'rim to rim' in a day, north to south on day after north rim opened for the season. Along the way, we met rangers on patrol (?) who asked if we were okay, questioning us re our knowledge of exactly what we were doing! They made us feel that we were safe and should we need help, someone would be along eventually. We never needed help! And, that day was one of the most outstanding of our lives. Many thanks to all the rangers for being there and doing fantastic jobs for/with the visitors.

all park employees

Thank you all so much for taking care of the parks! Loved visiting them with my parents when I was a kid (have so many fond memories from then) & now my husband & I are finally able to slowly start revisiting them & appreciate all your hard work to keep them as wonderful as I remember!

All Park Ambassadors

Thank you for all of your hard work in protecting and preserving our most beautiful lands in the USA! I grew up going to Yellowstone and the Tetons for summer vacations. The year I turned forty, I invited all of my friends and family to join me for a year of visiting the National Parks and I ended up visiting 13 Parks in the Western region in 11 months! It was the BEST adventure of my life so far and I fell in love with every park we visited. So much to learn and every Park Service employee we encountered were so kind, knowledgeable, and helpful! Keep up the great work!

Paul Whitefield

I am a new employee to the Park Service and had a great experience with a long term employee at the Walnut Canyon National Monument. Paul Whitefield, a jack of all trades with the Walnut Canyon National Monument, took me on a Fire Ecology tour of the Canyon. Paul shared not only scientific data about the monument but shared oral history, institutional knowledge, NPS culture, and was just a nice guy/mentor to a new employee. His attitude of extreme passion for the preservation and protection of our natural resources is contagious.
Image of Wupatki National Monument red, stone ruins in arid desert landscape

Wupatki National Monument is among the largest Pueblos on the Colorado Plateau. The dwelling was home to up to 100 people when Wupatki was as a cultural center.


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