Shelton Johnson

Yosemite is my favorite national park, and you are my favorite Ambassador. I and a friend from North Carolina went on a walk with you a few years ago, and I have a wonderful photo of her and you in a conversation. I also went on another walk which was especially meaningful in that you talked about the Buffalo Soldiers. (I also watched the video which featured you!) I have not visited Yosemite since the pandemic, so I do not know if you are still there. I hope that you are well and happy, wherever you are.

Park Ambassadors at JTree

Thanks to the incredible park ambassadors at JTree - from the moment I cross the threshold of the park entrance, the very first interaction with staff has always been fabulous. The drive there builds anticipation then when the staff have that excited sparkle in their eye for you, for what you're about to experience in the stunning park - the excitement grows even more for what the day ahead holds. I am so appreciative of the very helpful and kind ambassadors at Joshua Tree. Thank you for all you do! You make the visit even more special, every time.

all Park Rangers

I've been to many parks and no matter where I go, I have a tremendous amount of gratitude and respect for all who work and keep our parks open and consider it a privilege to get to go and experience the beauty of each one. My life is so much richer for stepping my feet into any one of the many parks. Words can't really express my gratitude and appreciation, just know that you have made my life better !!!!


Thank you to all the park rangers who make it possible to visit and enjoy these beautiful places!

All Rangers and Service personnel

To All the NPS Rangers and Service Personnel, especially at Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, Joshua Tree, Redwood National and State Parks and Death Valley National Park, You enriched my visit with your generous sharing of knowledge, your devotion, and your kindness. You are the best of what makes the National Parks System the greatest treasure of our country. Thank you.


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