All Ambassadors

Thank you for all you do for God's creation and for the Jr. Ranger program to inspire our kids to be good stewards of it and each other. Thank you for everything amidst another challenging wildfire season as well. May you have peace and strength ongoing.

All Ambassadors

We visited Yosemite in August and admired the beauty of the park, even after the fire and wind damage. All of the park workers were very helpful and suggested different places to see and hike. What an amazing job to have, to be able to hike the trails and to see all of the trees, rocks, rivers, falls and animals. I'm in awe of you. Thank you for keeping the park going and for being there for us,

All Rangers

Thank you to all you rangers dedicated to preserving and protecting the best of our world. I believe you are overworked and underpaid and have the best job in the world. My family and I have spent our best times in Sierra and King's Canyon National Parks and other public lands where we grow as a family and members of a community. We raise our spirits and find peace and solitude in our souls in these natural settings. In the 5 decades I have been sharing parks with family you Rangers, or Ambassadors have always been the "Park People" whom we turn to for answers.

Park Ambassadors

Denali, Channel Islands, Joshua Tree, Santa Monica Mts NRA, Cesar Chavez NM. Many Rangers made these visits memorable. Thank you for your service, knowledge, dedication, and friendly reception.

Rangers and Campgound Staff

I consider Joshua Tree my 'home' park. I'm a frequent visitor and I want to thank you for endless patience and responsiveness when I have questions. And when I have a great day hiking or a longer backpacking trek I'm so grateful. I admire how well the trails are constructed and always read the information boards at trailheads. And a high-five for well-stocked clean restrooms too!


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