Walnut Canyon Rangers

I apologize for not getting any names here, but my Dad & I visited this super cool park on October 31st. Dad had wanted to see all the cliff dwellings left by the Hopi. Beautiful! The Rangers are so nice and informative…and very proud to be Rangers in one of our country’s beautiful national parks. Thank You!

Betty Reid Soskin

I am fortunate enough to live close to the Rosie the Riveter/Home Front National Historical Museum, home base to Betty Reid Soskin, the oldest National Park Ranger serving the U.S. The park combines history and nature, with glorious views of the San Francisco Bay, and ospreys nesting in the SS Red Oak Victory Ship. Betty served not only as guide but as witness, remembering Amelia Earhart's take-off from Oakland Airport and the Port Washington explosion.

Susan Garland

My sister, Susan Garland had most of her career with NPS, at one time while posted in Ohio she gave tours of the Erie Canal. She always had a calling to protect our parks and served them well. My wonderful sis passed away in 2015. I believe our beloved parks miss her greatly.

All rangers and firefighters of Sequoia-Kings Canyon

Growing up in Fresno I was blessed to have a number of great national parks to go to. The rangers at Sequoia always informed, guided, and taught me how very special and unique these incredible trees are. Thanks to all of you for protecting these wondrous trees by wrapping them with the fire proof blankets and saving them for future children’s education and awe!! You all rock!


Last month on the first day of summer our car broke down in the middle of the road at 6,000ft elevation on the road to the General Sherman tree and could not be moved, and this lovely ranger came out and directed traffic around us off and on for a solid five hours til the nearest tow truck could get to us. I don't remember her name, but she mentioned she drove a Subaru. Anyway, her help was much appreciated! I'd like to buy all the rangers that helped us that day a cup of coffee. Hands down the best place to be stranded for five hours.


Thank you, Shelton, for your warm personality and your fascinating stories about the Buffalo Soldiers and their significant work and presence in Yosemite. I walked with you a few years ago and still remember what a delightful experience that was.

C.O. & Fortress Staff

Hello: I want to thank the entire staff @ Castillo San Marcus for excellent customer service!!!! Two years ago, I spent two weeks in St. Augustine, FL. I was given a National Park pass, since I was a Veteran. This pass is good @ all Natl Parks, & will save you on entry fees. I visited the Fortress everyday, & photographed all of the Spanish bronze cannons. The Park staff, rangers, are very helpful & take extra care in the safety of all the visitors. I informed a volunteer, of a 24 lb bronze cannon on top deck, that was on shipboard.

All National Park Staff

This park was a recent adventure on a very long list of National Park supporters my husband and I have always, we truly had an awesome time!! We love the outdoors and we love our parks! Thank you to all of the staff for your work which makes for a most enjoyable experience!!


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