Thank you for your wisdom and caring nature. I love all the parks and am envious of the great things you get to do. Nature takes us back to our roots, and you are the caretakers of those roots. Blessings

All the Park Rangers that we have come in contact with

My husband and I are on a year-long journey currently traveling the Northwest, down the coast of Washington, Oregon, and northern California, into the Southwest including the states of Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico. Our concentration during this time of Covid has been national and state parks. Everywhere we have gone we have been met by smiling, patient and so very helpful rangers. Rangers have been ready to engage us in conversations about park history, ecology, environmentalism, safety and general information. They have so enriched our experiences in the parks we have visited.

Gretchen Knapp

Our thanks to Gretchen for many years of bird walks at the Assateague National Seashore. Not only is she so knowledgeable about the birds there, but her enthusiasm and love of this area are also infectious. Her sharing of knowledge is joyful, and she never tires of questions, treating none of them as silly or stupid. Gretchen is a treasure, and all the years we have spent at Chincoteague Island on vacation have been immensely enriched by our bird walks and talks with her.

Adam Credle

Adam went above and beyond as a volunteer coordinator. He made a bad situation, not only bearable, but enjoyable. Thank you Adam, for working with me and finding the right spot for me.

Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve, offers years of history and the natural beauty of salt marshes and coastal dunes.


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