Park Rangers

We have enjoyed so many of our national parks and want to thank all of the wonderful Park Rangers that help make the parks special. I'd like to recognize that many more Park Rangers are needed and would like to provide any support you recommend so that the critical role of Park Ranger is recognized and funds are made available to bring more Park Rangers to the parks.

Yellowstone Rangers

We were at Yellowstone national park last summer and enjoyed all of the park rangers’ knowledge of the animals in the park and the ease and enthusiasm in their respective talks. We can’t hold back to visiting the park again. Thanks very much for your dedication to educate the public to appreciate the gem that the park is.

All Park Ambassadors

Thank you for all you do to protect and preserve the national treasures which are our national parks. Thanks for your sharing your knowledge and kindness when we come to visit. Thank you for you tremendous patience on days when we the public are in personal challenges and are out of sorts. The parks provide a contact with nature that offers calm and inspiration and challenge and rejuvenation to all who visit. I so appreciate the caring your service provides. Thank you!!

Roger Fuller

Just a short note to say thank you for the the job you do managing the volunteer program. You are always there to answer our questions and to help us help our visitors. I look forward to working with you again next year.

All National Park Ambassadors

Thank you to all the National Park Ambassadors who welcome us to the incredible resources we can enjoy as individuals and families. At 73 years, some of my greatest memories include hiking and camping in national parks, being present for the antics of chipmunks, squirrels, deer, bears, crows and blue jays. I’ve been up before dawn to capture mist rising from meadows & lakes with my camera. The friendly welcome and obvious pleasure in sharing nature adds to every visitor’s experience!

Park Ambassadors

I was once a Park Guide at Lowell National Park and I know how challenging a job it can be: making sure visitors know what to expect, answering a myriad of questions, being knowledgeable in many subject areas. And the patience of dealing with the public :) I try to visit Lowell and other Parks whenever I can and always appreciate you hard working Park Ambassadors. Keep up the good work!

Mike Fernandes and Rich Hansen

I'd like to thank Mike and Rich from the Lowell National Historic Park for their dedication fighting fires at the front lines of the impacts of climate change on our National Parks. This September, for two weeks, 16 hours per day, Mike and Rich were helping to fight the "Dixie Fire" in California, as members of the Cape Cod National Seashore Fire Crew. Thank you Mike and Rich for rising to this challenge!


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