New York


I usually visit national parks alone, and having the rangers there to lead a hike or discussion and give me advice on where to hike alone safely is invaluable. I always find them pleasant, informative and eager to help. Thank you all for making me feel welcome and safe in our parks.


I have been to several national parks and all of the Park Ambassadors are always friendly informative and helpful. Thanks for doing a great job and keep up the good work.

Susan Ulrich

It was many years ago (1976), but you made my visit to Little Round Top much more enjoyable and you helped me understand that part of the battle a little better. I looked for you in following years to explain something, but never found you. Just know that I really appreciated the information you gave me about LRT fight.

Jessica Henry

Thank you for keeping us updated on how much you enjoyed teaching visitors on your hikes through the park. As you have said, educating visitors to the park and nature in general will be of great value in continuing to protect the park in the future. Your enthusiasm for teaching to the visitors should result in the visitors teaching others about the park and nature.


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