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I am so incredibly grateful to all of our National Park Ambassadors! We are truly blessed to have all of these protected parks and thanks to all of you for taking extraordinary care of them for us! God bless America and all of our national parks!

all staff

I visited Katmai NP at the end of August. Park staff was tremendous. It made for a very enjoyable stay. Since I was interacting with staff on the visit (stayed at Brooks Lodge) They kept us very informed of the area - and helped protect us from the many bears! Great job, Thank You very much!

all staff

Late August I was able to visit Denali NP (flew into the Park from Talkeetna and landed one of the glaciers). I didn't get to the Park Visitors Center, but the staff was most gracious in sending me stamps for my National Park Passport book. Thank You!


We visited a few years ago and I had so many questions about the things we saw and were about to see. The Rangers were kind and friendly, and they answered every question. I'm sure they've had to answer the same questions so many times but they never stopped smiling and they answered as if I was the first. I'm so impressed with them and all the Park Rangers!

Adam Monroe

A special thank you to Adam Monroe, Trails and Facilities Volunteer Coordinator, and the entire Great Smoky Mountains National Park NPS trail crew for their tireless efforts to maintain and improve the countless trails we all enjoy within the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This past summer's floods in the Greenbrier area required remarkable dedication to the park and extreme personal efforts from everyone involved.

all Park Ambassadors

I want to send out a HUGE THANK YOU to ALL the park ambassadors!! My husband and I made a goal to try visiting as many of our national parks as we can. We have done solo hiking and many guided tours, and no matter whether we are asking for information at the visitors center or listening to a guide we have always found the experience to be very informative and enjoyable. Thank you so much for helping us to enjoy and get the most out of our visiting experiences!!


Thank you to all of the nice rangers we met on our two visits to the most beautiful place on earth. They were all wonderful representatives of the wonderful park.

everyone at Schoodic Peninsula

Thank you for giving our family knowledgeable and accurate guidance for bicycling on the Schoodic Peninsula *and stamping out NP Passport*! We were never near the Dessert Island visitors center when it was open. (Always earlier to get trail head parking or later after we found dinner somewhere.) It was a great ride with lots of fun family memories made!


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