Rangers and Ambassadors

I don't know folks by name. However, my visits from Shenandoah NP to Glacier NP to Crater Lake NP to Redwood NP have all had positive experiences. When I have been in contact with NP personnel, they are polite, positive, and very helpful with their knowledge of the land and our NPS. These people are beneficial to our NPS. Many thanks for what you do all year long!!

Park Ambassadors

My husband and I have not been to one of our national parks in many years but we have visited the Grand Canyon, North Rim, a number of times in the past. Our parks are a treasure and the Park Ambassadors who educate visitors on these parks are so important. My gratitude and thanks to each and every one of them for the important work that they do.

Mike Large

Thank you, Mike Large, for making it fun and easy to understand how the incredible formations at Zion National Park were created. Your passion for your work showed in every word of your Ranger Talk. Recently I was able to share with a friend my new-found knowledge, (sedimentation, lithification, uplift and erosion) - and get her excited about visiting the park in the future. You and the other dedicated protectors of the park system are needed now more than ever before!

Wonder Heart

On a recent trip to the redwoods, we participated in a ranger-led walk through the beautiful Stout Grove. On other ranger walks we'd been on, they showed the education of the ranger, like a biology focus, botany focus, or historical focus (all of which we loved). Ranger Heart focused on the spiritual and emotional connection that humans can make with nature. It was so heartening to see her out there really committing to helping people put down deep roots into the land and connecting to the earth (and the giant redwoods) in such a spiritual way.


Can't thank you enough for your dedication, knowledge and commitment to our parks. Also, dealing with the general public is not an easy job. Keep up the awesome work and thanks again!

all Park Rangers

Thank you to all the Park Rangers for all you do. I have yet to meet one that wasn’t helpful, knowledgeable and them seem to be so happy and love what they do. Makes me wish that was the career I had chosen when I was younger. Keep up the good work and thank you again.

Allison Newberg and Mike Coonan

Allison and Mike were the coordinators of my daughter's YCC. She learned so much from them and the rest of the crew. Without programs like YCC my daughter may never have found her calling in life. Sarah is now a seasonal ranger and firefighter out of Deschutes National Forest, Oregon. She is attending COCC in Bend and in the Forestry transfer program for OSU, Bend.

Yellowstone Park employees

My husband and I spent four days in Yellowstone the week after Labor Day. We thought there would be less of a crowd. That did not turn out to be true. We were told it was the busiest week of the year. However, our park experience was fabulous. Without a reservation, we didn't get a campsite in the park, but fell into a nice little RV park in West Yellowstone, which, except for the price, ended up being a good way to go. A stones throw from the park entrance, we drove our vehicle into the park every day and were able to experience all the places on our own time.


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