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Our parents would take us to a different national park one week each year. They would also bundle us up to attend a ranger program at the campground amphitheater. The Rangers were always so knowledgeable and informative and we listened very attentively to every word. My wife and I tried to provide the same experiences for our children. I believe that was instrumental in one of our children becoming an amazing outdoorsman and another an environment scientist (ES). The ES just married a United States Forest Service employee last month. Our experiences with all employees at our national parks has been remarkably. Whether it was a maintenance, ranger, law enforcement officer or other employee title they have all been professional and helpful. We enjoy getting to know employees who travel to the US from around the world for seasonal work which really emphasizes just how special these lands are. Thank you to all the NPS employees both full time and seasonal for making our visits so pleasurable.
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Yosemite National Park