Irresistibly Cute Baby Animals in National Parks

National parks offer amazing opportunities to see wildlife in their natural habitat. And when you venture into these places, you just might have the chance to spot some of the cutest baby animals that reside in parks.

Species of all kinds depend on the ecosystems protected within the National Park System to thrive. Seeing the circle of life in action is sure to endear you to the many mammals, birds, reptiles, and more that are born and develop among the wonders of our national parks. If you are lucky enough to spot them (from a safe distance, of course), you’ll swoon over the experience and will instantly understand the need to protect them and their habitats.

Produced by the National Park Service and National Park Foundationas part of the #FindYourPark/#EncuentraTuParque movement, this adorable video showcases some of the fascinating offspring that call parks home.

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