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Share your selfie on Instagram by using the hashtag #picyourparkcontest and checking into a park between now and September. And who knows - maybe you'll be the big winner!

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See who is leading, scoring the most points, and celebrating our uniquely American treasures. Check out the full leaderboard to track your progress or find your friends. Don’t see your post? The Instagram account owner’s face must be clearly visible in the photo in order to enter. Posts may take up to 72 hours to appear on the leaderboard.
erinello34 219 Parks Visited
mj_wanders 196 Parks Visited
bethjbiggs 116 Parks Visited
amy.merch 110 Parks Visited
schlaxathon 61 Parks Visited
bryangoffphoto 57 Parks Visited
skamblife 47 Parks Visited
carymullen 49 Parks Visited
travlette 44 Parks Visited
natlparkfamily 34 Parks Visited

Trailblazer Leaderboard

Get double points for earning your Trailblazer Badge this June by visiting a national trail or river!

amy.merch 14 Parks Visited 210Points
erinello34 17 Parks Visited 180Points
natlparkfamily 8 Parks Visited 160Points
mj_wanders 16 Parks Visited 160Points
schlaxathon 8 Parks Visited 150Points

History Buff Leaderboard

Earn a History Buff Badge by brushing up on American history and heritage at a national historic park, site, or trail.

erinello34 93 Parks Visited 930Points
mj_wanders 63 Parks Visited 640Points
bethjbiggs 54 Parks Visited 550Points
schlaxathon 28 Parks Visited 290Points
amy.merch 28 Parks Visited 280Points

Patriot Leaderboard

Earn your stripes--and your Patriot Badge, by visiting a national battlefield or military park.

mj_wanders 18 Parks Visited 240Points
erinello34 9 Parks Visited 110Points
amy.merch 4 Parks Visited 80Points
kuehlcation 4 Parks Visited 80Points
karennshane 5 Parks Visited 80Points

Aquaphile Leaderboard

Want to be swimming in badges? Earn the Aquaphile Badge when you visit a national lakeshore, seashore or river.

mj_wanders 10 Parks Visited 140Points
erinello34 10 Parks Visited 110Points
bethjbiggs 5 Parks Visited 100Points
natlparkfamily 5 Parks Visited 90Points
kuehlcation 5 Parks Visited 90Points

Adventurer Leaderboard

There’s always an adventure in a national park. Visiting many will earn you this badge!

erinello34 25 Parks Visited 235Points
mj_wanders 25 Parks Visited 225Points
amy.merch 33 Parks Visited 220Points
bethjbiggs 27 Parks Visited 215Points
bryangoffphoto 15 Parks Visited 130Points

Monumental Leaderboard

Show everyone what a Monumental Achiever you are by visiting a national monument or memorial.

erinello34 54 Parks Visited 440Points
mj_wanders 38 Parks Visited 380Points
amy.merch 26 Parks Visited 260Points
bethjbiggs 22 Parks Visited 220Points
bryangoffphoto 13 Parks Visited 130Points

All staff

Thank you for teaching us about the park and for your kindness and willingness to embrace our volunteerism and our artwork. It is, and continues to be, a great joy to create art for the park and to serve at the information desk. You've inspired us, enriched our retirement and befriended us. You are greatly appreciated!!

All Park Staff

Thankyou to All Park Staff. We need You out there, Always. We've visited almost all of the Parks within California and parts of Arizona. We have the highest respect and appreciation for All Park Personnel throughout. Thankyou for all of your work and Dedication.

all rangers

thank you for making a visit to a national park so enjoyable

Park Ranger

In September we visited 6 National Parks in Utah, Wyoming, Montana and Colorado. It has ignited a fire in our family to make it a goal to see as many of the Parks as possible. Every Ranger we interacted with was pleasant, knowledgeable and helpful. Our 4 kids are now Junior Rangers and excited about collecting their badges. Thank you for all you do.

All Ambassadors

We can't thank you enough for giving your time and service to our National Parks. We know the pay isn't the greatest but know that our family appreciates everything you do every day. #Loveourparksandambassadors

two rangers at Blue Ridge Parkway

Two Rangers volunteered to escort me across the Grandfather bridge. They encouraged me to enjoy the view and grandeur of the mountains. Will remember your kindness.

Allison & Taylor

Your passion for your positions with the National Park Service at Acadia National Park were quite evident when my husband and I were there in early October. We actually crossed paths with you along the Shore Path one evening. You were very kind and very enthusiastic about your service as rangers. We learned a great deal from both of you. We could hear in your voice and your words YOUR personal commitment to how you each serve the public and help us understand what great resources we have in all the national parks.

Rangers and Ambassadors

I don't know folks by name. However, my visits from Shenandoah NP to Glacier NP to Crater Lake NP to Redwood NP have all had positive experiences. When I have been in contact with NP personnel, they are polite, positive, and very helpful with their knowledge of the land and our NPS. These people are beneficial to our NPS. Many thanks for what you do all year long!!

all Park Rangers

We have been to many national parks and it always makes a person feel better when there is someone, a Ranger, there to answer any questions you have. Always friendly, and willing to help out, no matter what question we might have. We want to say thank you to all the wonderful park Rangers that extend their hands and knowledge out to all travelers.

all employees

Our parents would take us to a different national park one week each year. They would also bundle us up to attend a ranger program at the campground amphitheater. The Rangers were always so knowledgeable and informative and we listened very attentively to every word. My wife and I tried to provide the same experiences for our children. I believe that was instrumental in one of our children becoming an amazing outdoorsman and another an environment scientist (ES). The ES just married a United States Forest Service employee last month.
Pic Your Park Contest prize image of friends in a park
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