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This is really to all of our interested park ambassadors at all of our national parks, especially the wilder ones. Thank you for keeping our wild places wild and the civil parts of them civil such as clean bathrooms and bathrooms and wooden walkways above fragile Earth. Thank you for keeping them as pollution free and litter free as possible. Thank you for the count fire stories. Thank you for conservation and preservation of this pristine were barely touched parts of the world.

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Thank you to the Park Ambassador who helped my wife on a recent visit. She was a little confused after waiting for three of us who went ahead on the trail. I don't remember her name, but she came out and found us and told us she had assisted my wife to a wheelchair and had her waiting in a safe place. Wow! Thanks so very much for your attentiveness and awareness that someone needed assistance. That she came out to locate us was amazing! Love the parks, love the folks who work in them!! ♥️♥️

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Thank you so much for your service and dedication by keeping these beautiful national treasures enjoyable for all of us and future generations. I appreciate all the natural beauty every time I visit and I'm glad people like you are taking care of these places. I wish Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones. God bless you all. 🙏


Many thanks for all the hard work you do maintaining the park and educating the visitors.


Thank you for your work in maintaining and improving the trails in the park. Point Reyes is our favorite place to spend the day, either at the beach or on a trail. It is such a joy to be there any time of year. Thanks!

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You changed my life! As a child, I was fortunate that my family camped near RMNP each summer for two weeks. Every day we would attend talks, hikes, evening campfires and star viewing, etc. I learned so much and began a lifetime of more learning. Thanks to you, I wake up each day filled with gratitude, knowing that I am nature and nature is me. May all beings be so blessed. Thank you for your care and service!

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Thank you for all you do. I live in Palm Springs, so probably have visited your park more than any. I appreciate your endurance through the pandemic, your patience with people who are disrespectful of the land and your knowledge of the park and it's environment. THANK YOU!


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