National Park Service Employees

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the hard work that you do to protect our natural treasures, allowing us all to visit and enjoy. Some of the best experiences and happiest memories of my life took place in National Parks, going back to when I was four or five years old, sitting around a campfire with my family, listening to a ranger talk. You're the absolute best, and I hope that being able to work in the parks makes your jobs feel worthwhile. Thank you!!! Steve

All National Park Team Members

Thank you for your passion to teach and commitment to broaden the understanding of visitors. Too often, parks are seen as playgrounds and little else. You bring the knowledge, the history and the wider purpose of our parks, furthering their experience and perhaps inspiring the next generation of National Park Ambassadors.

All Park Rangers

Just want to recognize your commitment to helping everyone who visits our National Parks. Without you many a visitor's experience would not be fulfilled. You guys are awesome. Shout out to the rangers on the Big Island Volcano Park. Visited in August 2021 and everyone was helpful. Hope you all are safe.

Rangers in Yellowstone

Caught the last tour before winter closure last year, though I can't remember the Ambassadors on duty, it was quite a wonderful experience with Family members. Without any knowledge of any parks further eastern US, I would say Alaska was the next best thing.

Ranger at Sequoia and Kings Canyon

A ranger was checking campsites one early after noon. He stop and tells me theres going to be a special quest at the amphitheater to night. I should come meet him. As it turn out this rnger dresses as John Muir and gives a great insite to his travels life and impact he had on our Nation parks. Thank you for that wonderful evening with such wonderful information. Triggered an curiosity into learning more about him and our National Parks.

Maintenance Crew at Yellowstone

I have visited many parks. Yellowstone is probably my favorite NP, not only for the wonderful sights, but it is also well maintained, I enjoy the park tremendously. It doesn't matter if I am driving on park roads or using the restrooms, all are clean and comfortable for my use. With each staff I see, I take the time to say "Thank you". I can tell the staff love their park and try to maintain their devotion to keeping it beautiful. I know that just saying thank you doesn't go far, but at least it's a start in the current world we live in.


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