Alice Toth

While vacationing at a campground in Everglades National Park, November 2020, we had a wonderful time. However, on the last morning of our stay we were suddenly attacked by a massive swarm of blood thirsty mosquitoes and packed our belongings at an unprecedented speed. In our haste we forgot to retrieve our beloved “retired” personalized flag. Not only did Alice Toth find the flag and track down the owners, she made the extra effort to mail it home and included a lovely note. All in the midst of a pandemic.
Stone sign for Washita Battlefield

Washita Battlefield National Historic Site protects the site of the Cheyenne village of Peace Chief Black Kettle, who was attacked by the 7th U.S. Cavalry.

The Trail of Tears National Historic Trail ranges eight U.S. states and commemorates the survival of the Cherokee, who were forcefully removed from their land.

Santa Fe National Historic Trail is a transportation route through mid-North America that connected Missouri to New Mexico, and includes scenic hiking paths.

Candlelit memorial

Oklahoma City National Memorial is a place of reflection for honoring victims and survivors affected by the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building bombing.

Body of water in woods

Water-adventurers will be right at home at Chickasaw'waders, swimmers, anglers, water-skiers, and boaters all can enjoy a summer vacation here.

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