All staff

Thank you for teaching us about the park and for your kindness and willingness to embrace our volunteerism and our artwork. It is, and continues to be, a great joy to create art for the park and to serve at the information desk. You've inspired us, enriched our retirement and befriended us. You are greatly appreciated!!

Glacier Bay Ambassador

1992. Got lost looking for my son to do some hiking. He didn't show so I sped over to west glacier to see if he stopped there. He wasn't there. Who ever was on duty July 15-16 directed me to a cool bar where I mellowed and found my son, typical college sophomore male of 19.

all Staff and Volunteers

Thank you so much for all your great work, passion, and dedication to our beautiful, mighty Tahoma (Mt. Rainier) and to the public service you do to teach visitors, especially the younger/next generation about the environment, the preservation of our national parks, the history of our region and geology, etc.! My husband and I visit often and are always sad when we don't see one of you or grateful and happy when we do! We bring a lot of first-time visitors to the park, too, plus have some family/friend traditions at certain sites, trails, and campgrounds throughout the park.

Grand Canyon Ambassadors

We have visited a number of parks including, Glacier NP, Olympic NP, Mt Rainier NP, North Cascades NP, and Yellowstone to name a few. We have always been met with friendly and knowledgable Ambassadors. We always seem to have questions that you have answered right away and you've made our visits go so much better! Thank you so much for your work and kindness.

Park Rangers

Thanks to all Park Rangers for doing their best to rid parks of trash and keep parks clean and motorized rigs out of it as best possible for visitors.......stay SAFE!

All NPS Rangers

My dad was a National Park Service ranger for 25 years and those were some of the most memorable years of my life! I appreciate the work these men and women do to protect our parks....keep up the good work....you are all awesome stewards of these beautiful places!!

all the Rangers

i have been to many national parks from the Everglades to Mt. Rainier. Every ranger or interpreter I meet has been great and very informative. The architects do a fantastic job on the visitor centers.

all Katmai rangers, ambassadors, and bear wranglers

I want to say thank you to all the rangers, ambassadors, bear wranglers and all the staff that make experiencing Katmai such an amazing experience! You all did such a great job when my friend and I arrived, at instilling the important message that we are the visitors to the bears habitat and We have yet responsibly to respect it. You did that so thoughtfully and well. Thank you!


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