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Thank you ALL for everything you do! Retired Army and took 4 or 5 kids, NONE of which were mine, all over the US TEACHINNG, PREACHING & PRAISING ALL of you. From the Smokies, Bar Acadia, Everglades and almost EVERY place out West over a 4-year period they LEARNED from you ALL! One of them came back one year and said, remember which mountain range is the oldest? I said yup I know do you? He said his high school teacher asked that question and he was the only one in the class who knew. Sure I knew, but I backed up my statement posing the question to one of you. Bingo! They were taught to RESPECT the land and learn, which they did. You ALL have just killed it w/your positive approach to natural resources and sharing your knowledge. They all know HOW to camp the right way now and they're out on their own doing the same things with friends. Do me a favor though. IF you see some kids stumbling around off the trail looking dazed and confused point them in the right direction! lololol Thanks so much for ALL you do!
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