Get Out There.


America’s national parks are as unique and varied as the people who love them. They are places where people find their serenity, their moments, and their adventures. There are lots of ways to experience the parks, no matter where you are. What’s your park? Time to find out.

A National Park Service Employee points to a spot on a map
National Park Ambassadors

Behind every national park is a team of ordinary people who are dedicated to maintaining the extraordinary. Meet the National Park Ambassadors who protect our parks and send thanks to an NPS employee or volunteer who made your last visit extra special.

Stand Where Heroes Stood

There’s something powerful about experiencing history exactly where it happened. Our national parks provide opportunities to learn about our past and reflect on the leaders whose visions carried us into the present, opportunities to stand where heroes stood.

snow dusts the ridges and tops of the Grand Canyon
Share Your Park

Join our online community of adventurers, explorers, and park enthusiasts by sharing your memories, swapping recommendations, and posting your favorite pictures.

Get Inspired

Not sure where to start? From walls of fresh snow to the walls of a thousand year-old pueblo, these hand-picked park experiences can take you places you would have never dreamed.